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Speakers -  2022 Spring Spiritual Holistic Expo

Saturday, May 21st, 2022  









Sunday, May 22, 2022

11:00---Summer Hawk Wolf will be speaking on ”The Shamanic Journey”..

12:00PM- Marie Belote is presenting The Spirit Gallery—Her Mediumship gifts are since childhood. She has studied at Arthur Finlay College in England. Marie is an international and traveler with her wonderful gift.

1PM— Karen Refinger will present--Scalar Energetics—Quantum Healing with Energy, Frequency and Vibrations. Karen will is a well-known healer in Hawaiian Healing. She has worked over 20 years in her field of expertise. A Healer of Souls, Karen will teach you levels of love, transformation, and change.

2PM—Skyfire is presenting the Red Road. Skyfire is an excellent reader as well as a Shaman Teacher.

3PM—Sound Healing: Sound as a Healing Device—Angelo Rizzo will teach you that sound as a healing and transformation tool or healing. In this presentation you will be taking a look at the different things that Sound and Music therapy in use to raise the consciousness and promote healing.


4PM—The Energetics of Immunity—by Mark Reinhart, it is understanding the importance of emotional and Spiritual Balance, combined with the more common understanding of the Physical Balance.

5PM—Robert and Pamela Mongrandi will be presenting “The Seven Energy Centers and the Violet Flame. Pamela is a psychologist with the expertise in trauma. Robert will join his wife.

12PM—Marie Belote-SEE Saturday for information

1PM—Deborah Richmond Foulkes will present “Healing Through Past Lives”-she is a certified medium, an author of 6 books written with Spirit on Proving Reincarnation through academic Research. She traveled all over the world; she is certified in Past life Regression Therapy from Dr. Brain Weiss.

2PM—Lisa Baas will be presenting “Energy, Medicine, and Consciousness”. Lisa is in Energy Medicine for 40 years combines many healing practices including Acupuncture, herbal medicine, laser, color therapy, She taught Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her office is in Allentown.


3PM-The Soul Shepard is an intuitive Empath, will be speaking on “I am Empath—why do I feel Everything’.


4PM- Rev Richard Malz--


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