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Speakers -  2021 Fall Spiritual Holistic Expo

Saturday, September 18, 2021

11 AM - Mark Reinhart from Three Rivers Studio will present “The Energetics of Immunity.”  He will share valuable concepts and exercises from the Chinese Medical/Qigong perspective to take a more proactive role in living a mindful, balanced, and healthy life.


12 PM - Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton is the featured Gallery presenter bringing messages from the spirit world.  She is a famous medium with highly gifted energies with a following from all over the world.  Voted the best in New York.

1 PM - Debbie Quinn wears many hats, Clinical Aromatherapist, Usui Master Teacher, Crystal Healing, and the owner of Blue Moon Herbals and Aromatics.  Her presentation is entitled, “Navigating Health in a Mad, Mad World”.  You don’t want to miss this dynamic speaker.

2 PM - Karen Reifinger will be presenting “Scalar Energetics”- Quantum Healing with Energy, Frequency, and Vibration. She is a well-known pioneer of Hawaiian Healing and Bio Healing called The Energy Enhancement System. This innovative technology generates energy fields that promote healing and higher states of consciousness.

3 PM - Jesse George is a Magi walk-in who relieved another soul. Together they have created nine books, including “The Code Journey”.  Her presentation is entitled “Embracing Your Soul.”  It is through embracing our own personal journeys that compassion is released into our world.

4 PM - Eileen Strange will present “I Am An Empath…Why Do I Feel Everything?”  This lecture will talk about how to identify an Empath and offer ways to cope with and communicate with an Empath.  This is all about the feeling world and how Empaths and HSP navigate it. 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

11 AM – To Be Announced

12 PM - SummerHawk Wolf is a Shamana (female healer) that uses an eclectic blend of ancient healing techniques.  Etheric/Auric Surgery and Armor Removal release energy blocks.  Channeled information assists one to reintegrate the wounded lost and fragmented parts of ourselves.

1 PM - Dr. Ravi Ratan is a clinical aromatherapist and healer, integrating aromatherapy with Lymph Drainage and Chakra Healing.  He will speak on Chakras, Numbers, and Planets.  Dr. Ratan has written the “Handbook of Aromatherapy” and “Journey Through Chakras”.

2 PM - Rev. Fran Reilly - Rev. Fran was an officer in the US Navy for many years. Her knowledge as an officer and minister has taught her the avenues of her lecture today.  She will present “On Thanksgiving And The Thankfulness Of Giving.”

3 PM - Jacqueline LeClaire CHT, RM, CCP  is a certified Hypnotherapist, a Master Trainer, and an expert on Halotherapy. She will present on the topic of “Hypnotherapy”. 


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